About Us

Essex Wellness Center offers a strategically developed range of health services in one location. Having a team of holistic-minded health professionals under one roof allows for assessments and a comprehensive wellness plan for each individual who spends time with us. This is particularly helpful for a person who may be experiencing complicated symptoms triggered by anxiety, allergies, burnout, sports injury, or for someone who wants to strengthen his or her immune system, or overcome a struggle with weight, smoking, insomnia, phobias, substance abuse or addiction.

Most affiliated practitioners work from Essex Wellness Center’s primary location at 28 Main Street, with free ample off-street parking.

In addition, Fitness on the Water, around the corner on Novelty Lane, was created to provide a beautiful, private workout studio where the view is a part of the fitness experience, and an individual can exercise in privacy and quiet as opposed to a “gym” atmosphere that may cause someone to feel intimidated or self-conscious.

From personal fitness trainers to health coaches and wellness practitioners who have earned top credentials in their fields, the Essex Wellness Center experience is focused solely on you, your needs and the achievement of your goals, physically, mentally and emotionally.