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Transformation Coaching

Coaching is based on mutual trust and respect, it’s conducted through one-on-one interactions, “a choreography of life one conversation at a time,” working in partnership to develop a coaching model and approach that is most advantageous to achieving the clients desired outcomes. A professionally trained coach acts as a motivator, an educator and an accountability partner to support individuals who embark on their transformative journeys, motivating you to achieve extraordinary and sustainable results.

Ellen’s objectives as a coach, are to invite curiosity through powerful questions, inspire deep insights, and create space for self-reflection and awareness around energy levels, somatic expression, core beliefs, values, thoughts, judgments, and behaviors to:

  • Access the power of choice.
  • Overcoming obstacles – break through resistance, blind-spots, and limiting beliefs or negative self-talk.
  • Release “old story” and view your life through alternate lenses of focus.
  • Identify and harness personal strengths.
  • Connect your passions, purpose, values, and goals.
  • Practice resilience – reaction, response, and recovery.
  • Develop and hold onto an optimistic perspective – exploring all life events as either gifts or opportunities as an opening for positive change.
  • Increase your overall well-being and levels of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • Savor your life right now, perfect in its imperfections, in your pursuit of happiness.

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Ellen is an accomplished Executive Leadership/Personal and Professional Life Coach with 20+ years diverse Fortune 500 industry experience specializing in Strategy and Innovation, M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions), Process Engineering, Organizational Design, Culture, and large-scale Change Initiatives.

An accomplished coach with a comprehensive corporate and executive background, Ellen understands the complexities and challenges that individuals face, meeting clients where they are in powerful conversations through a resonant voice of experience.


  • Certified ICF Leadership Coach with advanced training in Adult Development, Team Coaching, and Organizational Development.
  • Graduate of Georgetown University, Executive Leadership Coaching Program
  • MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Executive Education Program: Leading Change and Organizational Renewal (LCOR)

Executive leadership coaching involves working with clients towards specific professional goals. These include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organization. As an Executive Coach, Ellen excels at working with individual executives and leadership teams to illuminate the potential for transformation: inviting curiosity, joy, and enthusiasm to play big. She succeeds as an authentic, collaborative partner who acts with integrity to coach clients to move beyond current boundaries with clarity of intentions, objectives, and values to achieve extraordinary results. She’s a PossibilitarianTM, a conversation partner, a vision builder, and a value shaper who has deep behavioral insights and an innate ability to connect with others. Helping leaders become unstuck, becoming his/her optimal self, she extends invitation to explore possibilities and growth through self-reflection, reframing priorities, and inspiring new insight through alternate lenses of focus and creativity, helping clients focus on leadership presence, blind spots, and behaviors.

Coaching Outcome Goals:

  • Achieve measureable business results while promoting personal development and renewal through enhanced leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence, resilience and presence
  • Enhance team-based leadership, building upon an executive’s capability to balance declarations with consensus, manage relationships; enroll others in shared vision and management of planning processes
  • Build collaborative teams and create synergies in team-based environments with a focus on shared purpose, accountability, goals and commitment
  • Create sustained execution results through deeper personal awareness of internal beliefs and behaviors and their outward impact on the environment

Pricing: Executive coaching engagements are available on-premises and/or conducted at the individual’s place of employment, over the phone or Skype. Please call for availability, custom engagement design, and pricing options.

Peer Coaching Network – Currently taking applications

Boutique coaching network for woman executives seeking proven practices, big ideas, bold vision and a trusted peer-network. An invitation to nurture, reward and play – to temporarily retreat to a spa-like environment in historic downtown Essex, CT. Sharpening one’s leadership presence and effectiveness through care and compassion of self first. Meeting as a small group of 8-10 members who meet monthly to share challenges and concerns in a sacred space governed by confidentiality and trust. An organically whole philosophy that supports and strengthens each domain of life from business, personal, family and community – creating optimal balance and results. Focusing on the power of extraordinary story, we’ll explore deep learning through peer exchanges where business leaders share success stories that can be leveraged to address current issues and build winning solutions for continued growth and empowerment.

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